The Real Chelzzz

Born and raised on Detroit’s East side, Chelzzz found an escape at a young age through music. Chelzzz always knew she was different! Chelzzz loved to entertain, as she was always the “funny and energetic kid that probably annoyed everyone – constantly trying to put on a show.” Her rap style is often referred to as a cyclone of Kesha, Eminem and Nicki Minaj – with a twist of Iggy Azalea. When your ears hit Chelzzz’ music, you know you’re hearing something like no other artist has created.
An entertainer at a young age, Chelzzz entered and won many different talent competitions, (singing, dancing, acting and writing) to escape a troubled family life.
However, as she got older, Chelzzz became just as interested in the writing aspect of the music as much as she was performing. “Looking back on my entire life, there’s no doubt I was made for this… it’s so beautiful when every aspect of your life begins blending together effortlessly.. That’s what destiny is, right?”
Chelzzz is now in that new chapter in her life. As a professional artist in the industry, she leaves no questions whether or not she’s in it to go big. Her shows are popular and people seek her out to see her perform. When seeing one of her shows, you too will become amazed at the enormous talent, whit, sharp lyrics and smooth delivery. Chelzzz is here to take HipHop to the next level. Catch her on Soundcloud/Youtube/iTunes and see what the rave is all about

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