Awareness sponsor

$1,000.00 $500.00

We are currently working through our back office to bring on-board to our annual festival, several international businesses from the USA, Africa and Europe who want to connect with local business owners and or  present jobs and business opportunities to consumers in the Caribbean.

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By registering your business now, we will place your business logo and information on all promotional postcards, websites, posters and social media when we decide to start our promotion.  The Venue will be in The Caribbean TBA.  International supporting companies from USA, Europe, Africa will have an opportunity to connect with several companies and attendees from different Caribbean islands to expand their business opportunity, create alliances and generate more online consumers.

Get involve in community support for awareness for Cancer, Sickle cell, Stroke, MS, Gun violence, Domestic violence, Human trafficking and Homeless victims of disasters.

20% of all fees are donated to our Disaster relief fund for victims of natural disasters.


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