Thank you for your support.

Welcome to UCMI

The purpose for our annual membership is to build a support base for our annual festival, in return we offer our members exclusive benefits such as:

Group event for birthdays network party for members “Celebrate Life”

Free access to our monthly Birthday celebration parties for members (12 events/year) Starting March where all registered members will receive an exclusive invitation (1 guest) to our promotional awards gala on 03.24.18

Sickness can happen to anyone “Lets get educated”

We know that from time to time illness such as Cancer, Stroke, MS, Sickle cell and other sickness can affect our plans for a prosperous life, should you as a member ever have to deal with an illness you can rest assured that our community of members and our company will be supporting you and helping you to raise funds for your medical assistance.

Never worry too much, Get help without the background or credit check if you fall on hard times.

While it great having a job many people can sometime experience difficulties maintaining their bills if fired or out of work for a long time, again having our membership we would be able to provide part time work if available, bill payment advance loan if you are under extreme hardship.

Additional benefits includes:

  • Members only bars at VIMF2018 on 07.21.18
  • VIP package to include 2 meals for the day
  • Souvenir T-shirt and Hat for the festival
  • Gift card for $250 every year (For your valued support)
  • Free entry every drawing  (for every 1,000 tickets sold)

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