Blaze Squad

The music scene of Ft. Lauderdale in Florida has seen a lot of great artists. None of which compare to Blaze Squad. These brothers have made an impact in South Florida and are ready to take there talent nationwide. They are one of the most creative groups that you will hear by far. People who hear them are fascinated by the fact that they only started creating music back in 09’. Not only because of the quality, but more so because they can relate to all their songs. Blaze Squad is passionate about making music, especially for the people, which are their inspiration.
Blaze squad has performed at many clubs in Miami such as, Living Room with DJ EPPS, K.O.D. (back door open mic),along with many other open mics in Broward county. They have also gone to N.Y. to perform an open mic. They receive radio play on 99 Jamz local love with D.J. Griot, Local Love and radio play in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. Now with the addition of Miami celebrity Billy Blue onto the single “Riding Big,” also, with the addition of two celebrities Black Dada AKA ‘Mr. Ima Zoe’ and the ‘ATL Living Legend’ Pastor Troy onto the single “Ima Hustler,” Blaze Squad can not be stopped

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