Thank you for your interest & support for Vibes International Music Festival (VIMF2018)

VIMF2018 is an EXCITING, STAR STUDDED International Music & Awareness Festival with several artists who are supporting awareness from the American, Caribbean and Latin Communities.

Unfortunately as of June 1, 2018 we have decided to cancel this event in Lauderhill area due to security, safety issues and lack of financial support for the production of this event.

The objective of this festival is design to bring Jobs, Business opportunities and awareness to Gun violence, Domestic violence, Human trafficking, Homelessness, Cancer, Sickle cell, Stroke, MS. We intend to continue promoting this international annual awareness festival after we research the safest area with in the Caribbean and or Africa to launch this annual event that will help many people and businesses in their community.

We are looking for 100 supporting partners who will own 50% of this annual festival.  Partners will be invited to our 1st annual gala dinner where we will be disclosing the future plans and location for this annual festival.

Click here to become a festival partner

 We are Celebrating Life, Inspiring Youths and Empowering Business entrepreneurs.  We are a Non-Profit organization that put God first in all we do and events we host. 

PRAY for those who have lost love ones through Gun violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, Cancer, Stroke, MS, Autism, Sickle cell and Homelessness.